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Property as an investment product.

The only investment with monthly returns.

MAP3 GmbH specialises in the marketing of rented property with guaranteed rental income as investment products. Particularly in times of low interest rates and a growing need for affordable homes, this represents an attractive investment opportunity with maximum security.

It is often difficult for investors to find the right property as an investment. Purchase prices have risen rapidly in prime locations at a time when interest rates are low. As such, a rate of return dependent on growth is unreliable from both a time-related and financial perspective, and possible rent caps cause further uncertainty.

In addition, broker costs must be paid and there is a need to enter into existing contractual relationships with tenants and property managers. When it comes to new builds, meanwhile, the project completion date and thus the start of any tenancy is often uncertain. Aside from the high investment cost, investors also have to manage the letting themselves or charge somebody else with the task at local level.

Full service with guaranteed returns

MAP3 has a better solution for you: investing in a property with guaranteed rental income. The selected residential projects are existing properties in secondary and tertiary locations in growth areas around conurbations. Besides the high growth expected here over the coming years, you can already purchase your rented property as a financial investment with a sum of around 60,000 euros.

The properties managed by MAP3 are neither part of a real estate fund nor a rental pool.

You are the owner and of course it is your name that is entered in the land register – providing additional security.

The apartment buildings are divided and the residential units are renovated and modernised in line with current standards, while the common parts are inspected by experts and repaired if necessary.

Monthly income from the first month onwards

Once you have purchased your rented residential unit, besides being the owner of an attractive investment property, the sale contract also includes the guaranteed rental income and the management contract.

Regardless of whether or not the property is occupied, the rent will be paid into your account from the very first month after paying the purchase price and you are simultaneously protected against loss of rent. The guaranteed rental income is also covered against neglect by a major German insurer.

We meet all landlord obligations for you

We also remain by your side as a partner once you have purchased your investment property. Besides the guaranteed rental income, we take care of all property management tasks, including the service charge billing. We manage the tenants directly, collect the rent and take care of the reletting process in the event of a change of tenant. If the property is unoccupied, we use this time to carry out any renovations and repairs, while continuing to pay the rent to you. We also represent your interests in matters relating to the German Residential Property Act (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz or WEG), giving you further flexibility with your choice of investment property.

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