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The best outlook.

Reliable. Stable. Enduring.

The benefits of investing in rented property are clear: you get a monthly rental return as well as stable appreciation over the long term. Since 1975, property prices in Germany have risen by almost 500%1 and by an average of 40%1 in the last ten years alone.

In order to secure this stable growth and ensure reliable demand, properties are carefully selected and renovated by professionals.

Maximum security

Icon einer MedailleAs the owner of the property, all options are available to you in terms of renting or selling it, using it yourself at a later date, transferring it or bequeathing it. Compared to cash investments, you are protected against inflation and other uncertainties and you can benefit from tax relief options.

Monthly returns

Hand mit EURORented residential properties are the only investment option with monthly income. Thanks to the rental income guaranteed by the MAP3projects, the rent will be paid into your account from the first month, regardless of whether the property is occupied.


Haus mit VerwalterYour interests are represented when dealing with tenants and matters relating to the German Residential Property Act (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz or WEG) and you also do not need to worry about reletting or maintenance tasks. This gives you the freedom to choose the optimal property for your investment.

Reliable growth

Hand mit Haus und ProzentzeichenCarefully selected and professionally renovated projects in growth areas and supervised maintenance of the properties guarantee an appreciation in value, which is even tax-free after ten years.

Efficient asset accumulation

We offer you a complete package, which not only features an exclusive investment opportunity with rental returns starting at 3.5%, but also sale transaction management, property management, maintenance and guaranteed rental income.

Based on the rise in residential property prices throughout Germany (over 40% between 2009 and 2019)2, your investment in MAP3 residential property could increase by over 70% within ten years.

1 Sources: Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute & Statista Real Estate Price Growth in Germany from 20.01.2020

2 Source: Statista Real Estate Price Growth in Germany from 20.01.2020